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Lost Tribe in New Guinea?

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Question of the Week:


Did you see the video of the tribe in Papua New Guinea singing the Shema in Hebrew? It is just amazing! Are they a lost tribe of Israel? How else can you explain these natives in tribal dress singing Jewish prayers in perfect Hebrew? 



It is a very cute clip. But don't be fooled. Their ability to sing Hebrew songs doesn't make them Jewish. I can sing Awimbawe, that doesn't make me a long lost African. And anyway, a few features of their song just don't add up.

If indeed they were a lost tribe of Israel, clutching on to their traditions for thousands of years in spite of their dislocation from other Jews, why do they chant the Shema in a distinctively modern European tune? Why do they sing it in English after singing it in Hebrew? And what is the explanation for the placards they display with English quotes from the Bible?

The explanation is a simple. These tribesmen are not performing an ancient rite, but rather singing the Hebrew songs that Christian missionaries have taught them. For hundreds of years the missionary work in places such as Africa and Papua New Guinea has introduced biblical ideas to native populations.

So we shouldn't be so surprised to find a witch doctor in Burma wearing a tallis or a hut in the Sahara Desert with menorahs painted all over it. It is probably just the result of our Christian friends teaching our bible (and theirs) to the locals.

Jews do not missionise. We don't believe in converting the world to our ways. But we certainly believe that ethical monotheism, the belief in one G-d Who expects us to live morally, can improve the lives of all peoples around the world. If that is what the missionaries teach, we say Amen. 

Good Shabbos,
Rabbi Moss

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    As you say, no man of Yahudah would proselytize, and no Christian would have the QaDOSh tongue in his mouth. Believe it or not, Brother EPHRAIM is TeShUVA' ing home again with TORAH in his heart to the KaVoD of Yud-Hey-Vav-Hey. The prodigal son has returned to his senses with repentance for profaning ABBA's heart with treacherous blasphemies all these many generations. This is just the tip of the iceberg as it were. Twelve Tribes ACxD !

  2. I have never known a Christian to give a muddle-headed wombats wit about singing The SHEMA or caring about it's significance and they don't care about
    learning Hebrew because "I speak English & that's good enough for me ".
    I find it practically impossible that Christians taught them. The TORAH is for
    Anyone who wants THE TRUTH! The only Christians who care are the ones who realize they have been lied to by just about everything they have been taught!
    YAHUDA SHOULD BE THRILLED to know that the other Tribes are WAKING UP! If the whole world would do as YOD - HEY-VAV - HEY says Jews wouldn't
    Be killed (or others) ..JUSTICE..RIGHT RULING WOULD PREVAIL & Ysrael
    Wouldn't be dealing with all the evil that is coming against it. ..of course the world will never be like that but those who have a heart for the TRUTH , to love
    The Creator of the Universe,above all and his neighbor as himself, LONG FOR
    what could be possible if all of YSRAEL not just Yahuda got their act together.SHALOM Karen B. Australian born native who has Teshuva'd and now part of the Common -Weath of YSRAEL , living in America. SHALOM SHALOM

  3. Where is everyone...don't people think anymore?