Thursday, January 5, 2012

Is Chemistry Enough?

Question of the Week:

Why is there a Chuppah at a Jewish wedding? Is it so important? What does it symbolize?
Marriage is the union of man and woman. What a silly idea!

Male and female are opposites, and the thought that they can become one is absurd. You can't take opposites and make them work together. It's impossible.
Impossible, that is, unless you do one thing: find something that encompasses both of them. An energy that can include opposites can unite opposites. And the only energy that can include opposites is divine energy. Only G-d, who is beyond any confines, can do the impossible and bring together opposites. Only G-d, the source of male and female, can unite male and female. And so only G-d can create a marriage.
The word Chuppah means an envelopment. It represents the divine presence that hovers above bride and groom to unite them. Because man and woman can only truly become one if they dedicate themselves to something bigger than the both of them. When two people unite for a common higher cause, when they share a goal that lies beyond self, then they are able to transcend the differences between them and become one.
Of course a relationship needs to have chemistry, and biology and physics too. But what will keep it together is metaphysics - shared spiritual values and a common sense of divine purpose. With G-d as a partner in the marriage, you will be standing under the Chuppah for a lifetime.
Good Shabbos,
Rabbi Moss

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