Thursday, February 16, 2012

Whom Do You Really Love?

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Question of the Week:


Here's my problem with Judaism: The Torah says you have to love G-d with all your heart. That leaves no room to love people. Doesn't the love of G-d lessen our love of humanity?




I once knew a man who thought he was a great husband. His wife disagreed.


He did absolutely nothing for her. He never took her out, never bought her anything, never helped around the house, never did what she asked him to do.


Finally she confronted him about his complete lack of response to her wishes. He explained himself by saying: "I love you dearly, more than anything in the world. That's why I don't do anything for you. I'm so busy loving you I can't possibly do anything else."


Such a husband wouldn't last too long. He says he loves her, but really he loves himself, and he loves the feeling he gets from having someone to love. If he indeed loved her, then he would seek to do what pleases her. He can't claim to love her if he never does what she wants.


Nothing pleases G-d more than when His children love each other. So if your heart is full of love for G-d, then that love will translate into loving your fellow, for that is exactly what G-d wants from you.


On the other hand, if someone claims that they love G-d so much that they have no space for loving others, then this is a sure sign that their love of G-d is really just a form of self-indulgence. If you love Him so much, why are you not doing what He wants? The same Torah that tells you to love G-d tells you to love the stranger, to love your fellow as yourself, to help the needy and to care for the broken-hearted.


You can't be a good husband in your heart, your love must lead to action. And you can't love G-d without doing what He wants from you - starting with loving your neighbour.


Good Shabbos,

Rabbi Moss


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