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Lessons from an Lapsed Skydiver

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Question of the Week:


I jumped out of a plane last week. I won't do it again. After free falling for a while (which was amazing) I tried to release my parachute. Nothing happened. I tried again. Nothing happened. So here I was hurtling to the ground without a parachute. I thought this was it. Thank G-d the instructor had a safety parachute, which did work. We landed safely. My question: is G-d trying to tell me something?


People tend to ask the question "Why me?" only when bad things happen. After suffering a loss or experiencing failure, we wonder what we did to deserve it. But we should be asking this question not just when things seem to go wrong but when things go right too. You need to ask this of yourself: I came to the brink of death, and I survived. Why me?

The answer must be that you've got more work to do in this lifetime. Your life has been returned to you so you can get on with your mission, to bring more light and increased goodness to your part of the world, with renewed vigour and freshness.

This should be a turning point for you. The you that jumped out of the plane is not the you that landed on solid ground. You have to be changed by the experience. Imagine that some of your negative past flew out of that plane and disappeared into the distant skies, and you have landed a new person. Take upon yourself a new mitzvah project, a new character trait to work on, another relationship to heal. You have been given new life, with renewed powers to fulfill your mission.

At this time of year, as Rosh Hashana approaches, this message is relevant to us all. We can all ask the same question of ourselves. I have been given another year of life. I am here to see another day. Why me? Why am I still here?

I must have more work to do. And only I can do it. Life has no safety parachutes. I have to do my job myself.

Good Shabbos, and may you be inscribed and sealed for a good year,

Rabbi Moss


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HIGH HOLYDAYS WITH NEFESH only twenty seats left ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
EXISTING MEMBERS please return your forms to the office to renew your membership
CASUAL SEATS or NEW MEMBERS, please email Jackie at to get booking forms.
NEFESH HIGH HOLYDAY SERVICES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Saturday 4th September
10:30pm Lechaim and Inspiration in preparation for
12 Midnight - 12:35am Selichos Prayers


Wed 8th  September First night Rosh Hashana

Remember to make Eruv Tavshilin

5:23 pm   Candle Lighting

5:40 pm   Mincha

6:30 - 7:15 pm Maariv


Thu  9th   September, First Day Rosh Hashana

9:00 am   Morning Service

10:00 am  Babysitting starts

11:00 am  Shofar

1:00pm    Service Ends


5:00 pm   Mincha followed by Tashlich

6:30 - 7:15 pm Maariv second night

Candle Lighting for second night must be after 6:19 pm


Fri 10th September, Second Day Rosh Hashana

9:00 am   Morning Service

10:00 am  Babysitting starts

11:00 am  Shofar

1:00pm    Service Ends


All Shabbos Services back at Roscoe St Shul

5:24 pm   Candle Lighting

5:30 pm   Mincha followed by Niggunim and Divrei Torah to end Rosh Hashana

6:30 pm   Shabbos service


Shabbos 11th  September, Shabbos Shuva

10:00 am  Shachris

5:15 pm   Mincha followed by Shalosh Seudos

6:20pm    Shabbos ends


Sunday 12th September, Tzom Gedalia

4:45 am   Fast Begins

8:00 am   Shachris with Selichos

6:08 pm   Fast Ends


Thursday 16th September

7:00 am   Shachris


Fri 17th September Erev Yom Kippur

3:00 pm   Mincha at Roscoe St

5:29 pm   Candle Lighting and Fast Begins


Yom Kippur Services at Hakoah


Fri 17th September

5:45 - 7:45 pm Kol Nidrei and Maariv


Shabbos 18th September

9:00 am   Shachris

10:00 am  Babysitting starts

11:30 pm  Yizkor

2:30pm    Break

4:00 pm   Mincha

6:25 pm   Fast Ends




NEFESH SERVICES - 54 Roscoe St Bondi Beach



Mincha 5:25pm followed by shiur in Likkutei Torah
6:30pm - 7:15pm Shabbos Service followed by Kiddush sponsored by Elli Bobrovizki in honour of his son Lee entering the Israeli army

Shabbos day

9am Class on Weekly Parsha
10am -12:30pm Morning Service with kids program followed by Kiddush in honour of the wedding of Roger Flekser and Orly Lavee, and sponsored by Alan Meyerson in memory of his father Lewis Meyerson on his Yohrzeit, and by Rev Amzalak in memory of his mother Fanny bat Yitzchak a"h on her Yohrzeit


Mincha 5:10pm folllowed by Sholosh Seudos and Maariv

This Motzoei Shabbos, Saturday night                                                                   10:30pm Lechaim and Inspiration in preparation for
12 Midnight - 12:35am Selichos Prayers

Sunday 8am Shachris followed by beginners Talmud

Lulav and Esrog ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Singl Lulav - $35.00 


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